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Food & Beverage

A sustainable diet is healthy and varied. It uses local, in-season, and traceable products from sustainable farms, whilst reducing food waste.


ELO's commitments:

  1. To use a minimum of 50% of products from within a 100km radius of the event venue;​

  2. To offer at least 20% of products from organic agriculture within a 100km radius of the event;​

  3. To provide visitors with the most precise information possible on the origin of the products used (country, town, producer, and production methods);​

  4. To offer quality vegetarian and vegan alternatives;​

  5. To use as many washable or reusable items as possible, and thus reduce packaging; ​

  6. To work with seasonal and fair-trade products;

  7. To reduce food waste. 


8 avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux

L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette


Tél : +352.621.250.655

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